Birthday Wishes Do Come True!

A few of my paintings will be on display at The Artists Alley in San Francisco this winter season! The exact dates are to be determined but will be just in time for my birthday in December. A long time ago and quite literally in a place far, far away, I made a birthday wish just before blowing out twenty-some-odd candles. My wish was to have art on display in a gallery alongside other talented artists.

Please visit and tour The Artists Alley.


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What Makes a Great Story?

A child once asked me…” Have you ever noticed how in Disney movies there is always a villain? Why is that?” I then gave him what I thought was a great answer and said, “Because if there was no villain then the story would not be as interesting.” He was satisfied with this and moved on to the next topic as children tend to do. His question lingered with me and gave me great insight into the fresh mind of a child.

When I think back to this young boy’s question, I realize that children don’t need the villain in their movies in order to be entertained. The way in which he framed and formulated his question led me to believe that he had not considered the villain as necessary to the story. It appeared to me that his eventual recognition that such movies always have a villain indicated that he had not noticed them previously.

Other adults would probably agree with my response to his question because we seem to understand that we are not entertained unless there is a villain. As adults we crave the adversity that a villain presents, we absolutely expect that there will be a villain, or at least that there will be conflict or tension.

It is an interesting discussion: What is it exactly that makes a story interesting?

A great article from Writer’s Digest reviews this topic:

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A quick note about my favorite #FF on Twitter

In the last few weeks I’ve been going crazy following (too many) people on Twitter. After some eye-bugging nights of endless tweetaholic-overload, I was able to weed out the clutter and have thoroughly enjoyed exchanging ideas with the following talented Tweeters:

@KatZandvakili @TayRenaeWriter  @russpotak  @BluKatDesign @simonasylvester @oceanbluepress @robinpedrero

Follow them and take the time to check out the URLs –you won’t be disappointed!


Marius Rovillos:Part-Time Author and Full-Time Artist

Marius has been writing fantasy fiction for ten years and illustrating for more than twenty! While his manuscripts are locked in a safe place at the moment, his illustrations have been seen around the world (literally).

On ButterRose Press is where he debuts some quick micro fiction including a “nod” to Hemminway’s six-word story, JFK, everyday heroes and a bit of twitter fiction that draws you in and makes the reading experience unique to each reader. Please enjoy the following fiction bits!

  • “Goodbye, “ she wrote.
  • He fixed his hair before it departed from his scalp forever.
  • His jacket was still smoldering, her brand new skin was unfazed.
  • [Death Row]
  • “Let’s get this over with,” he told them after he swallowed his final piece of meat.
  • [I Do]
  • “Here, let’s slice it together.”
  • It was prepared for hours. Nothing will go wrong like before.
  • Little pieces were in his ear and his hand was nowhere to be found.
  • I told him not to pull it, but he did it anyway. What a mess.
  • I scuttled across a shadow without an inhabitant.
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Twitter Fiction

Sometimes, I find it difficult to write during the day when life is happening all around. But right before it’s time for bed. Something happens…life slows down a bit and just enough to let me write a thing or two. In this case, two. Enjoy!

Two different takes on “sin”:

Hours in line at the border brought the same guilty nervousness as the communion line on Sundays. Is today the day I leave my sins behind?

“Calm your face, so he can’t see your sins,” she hissed. I knew she meant the priest, and not my groom because we are now in this together.


Character Study

Yesterday I had some time to write. One exercise that felt natural was the character study. Using the Twitter format, I limited myself to short, yet complicated descriptions of fictional characters. From the ones I wrote, a few were posted as examples:

Alienating her closest friends makes it easier to fake being loyal, truthful, or talented. Yet—she’s obliviously transparent; Living a lie.

Some build a house of cards and call it “experience”. Others have calloused hands as proof of it. Who recovers, should their house fall?

Pretending you don’t have roots is futile when the leaves of your innocence are green and the skin of your branches is brown.


Twitter fiction: Tell Me All About It–But Get to the Point

It’s exciting for someone like me who lacks the discipline to sit still for long periods of time, to explore the world of flash fiction. My generation appreciates quick resolutions to everything from personal conflict, to the shows we watch, to Youtube videos. Have you noticed that most multi-media presentations are better when they are brief?

Recently, I discovered something that has come to be known as Twitter fiction. Fitting under the category of flash fiction, Twitter fiction is the art of storytelling with a very limited number or words. This is one of those challenges that I just can’t pass up. It is no easy task and just like those iPhone games, it is quite addicting. I will keep playing until my eyes are red, so follow me on Twitter @EvaRovillos for stories like these:

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Invisible I stay for fear of pain. I’ve lost my mind and soul. With every slap he dug my grave, with every scream erased my name. #sstory

Empty buses ignore my dim street bench. Police tape knots are ripped reminders that I stand in dusted blood of one that isn’t there. #sstory

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Her key beside a folded note loudly stared compared to quiet, empty pantry shelf. Drowning on the kitchen table lay his tearful eyes.#sstory